Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Say It With Colors!

Nah. Finally, I write it, yay! Say it with colors! Itu adalah judul lesson pertama di Student Book Enrich 2. Lesson yang paling menyenangkan, karena ini mempelajari vocab-vocab, lebih tepatnya idiomatic expressions, dan yang paling penting, bisa digunakan dalam kehidupan sehari-hari. Cieh...

OK, let's start.

Every cloud has a silver lining.
Artinya adalah... Tak ada manusia yang sempurna. Kalimat ini merupakan favoritku.

You can talk until you're blue in the face and still he won't change his mind.
Blue in the face artinya frustasi.

My "A" scores always made her turn green with envy? She never got any.
Turn green with envy artinya cemburu.

Whenever there is trouble, Jack always runs away. Jack really has a yellow streak.
Yellow streak artinya pengecut.

Tina is in the pink again. She's totally cured and ready for anything.
In the pink artinya kondisi baik, kadang-kadang bisa diartiin seneng juga.

It's not everyday we get to meet the President. But it might happen once in a blue moon.
Once in a blue moon artinya sangat jarang.

Do you think it's right to tell a little white lie as long as it doesn't hurt anybody?
White lie artinya berbohong demi kebaikan.

Why did John say that? His words should be red penciled. They were very rude.
Red penciled artinya disensor.

I was so surprised when, out of the blue, he came and apologized for his mistakes. I didn't think he would do it.
Out of the blue artinya tiba-tiba dan tak terduga.

Now she's really seeing red. I think she's going to slap him in the face.
See red artinya sangat marah.

Udah ya, segitu dulu. Ngantuk.

Oh iya, if you're feeling blue, just remember me, then you'll be in the pink. love struck


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