Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Invitation to Freedom

This is a story about Hyde, a boy who was tied with a girl because he wore a magic bracelet. He wanted to release it but it was so hard to do that. Because he was confused to decide it. He was confused choosing a freedom or the girl.


The story was started when Hyde found a bracelet. He didn't know that the bracelet was a magic bracelet. Then, he wore it. He felt there was a strange thing about the bracelet, but he ignored it.


One day, Hyde met a girl named Hikari. Not long after that, they became a couple. Hyde and Hikari were happy to have each other, and they promised not to leave each other. But when they were feeling in the pink for so long, the problems came. They didn't talk and meet each other.

Hyde was feeling blue and hurted because of this situation. He screamed and expressed his feeling. He tried to release the bracelet again, but he couldn't. He thought the bracelet wanted to be with him. And he ignored it again.

One night, when Hyde was sleeping, he felt someone pulled his hand. Because of that, he woke up and he was surprised. Actually, he was pulled by the bracelet. He didn't know where the bracelet wanted to go. Then he thought, he knew that the bracelet wanted to bing him to Hikari. He wanted to release it, but he couldn't. He didn't know why the bracelet brought him to Hikari. He tried hard to release it, and for the first time, he did it. He thought again, and he knew what kind of bracelet it was. He knew that the bracelet was a magic bracelet that brought him to somebody that he loved. And then he wore again the bracelet because he loved Hikari.

This story was inspired by video clip of L'Arc~en~Ciel - Jiyuu e no Shoutai (Invitation to Freedom), my favorite song. happy


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